BLEND Plants fills a unique need in concrete mixing by taking the entire production to the client by storing the aggregates in a dry state to mix concrete in separate hoppers. The units are all able to be fitted on either a cab chassis or trailer. This process changes the standard method of having concrete delivered by means of a volumetric mixer to the smart way of concrete being mixed and poured on-site to meet the requirements of the customer. 

BLEND Plants mobile batching solutions (E-Series) can produce between 35 m3/h up to 70 m3/h depending on the selection of the four units available. The large production plants (A-Series) has options to hold either two, three or four aggregates and produce approximately 120 m³/hour. For storage solutions, BLEND Plants can provide the option of four sizes of horizontal silos, carrying between 16 m³ and 42 m³. Both the large production units and the silos are fitted with piston legs, allowing for transportation on a flatbed trailer and able to be moved with ease between locations.

Mojo Go (Pty) Ltd offers the following BLEND Plants products:

Both the E-Series and A-Series are capable of producing the following:

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Mojo Go (Pty) Ltd has a territorial sales agreement with MoJo Group (Pty) Ltd enabling them to sell Blend Plants equipment into the South African, Botswana and Namibian territories.  Mojo Go offers cash or finance sales of Blend Plants equipment as per the customer’s requirements and technical specifications.